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Gartner and its affiliates are committed to protecting your information. Please read this Privacy Policy (“the Policy”) carefully as it sets out important information relating to how we handle your personal information.


Gartner companies issuing the Policy


In this Policy, references to “we,” “us,” or “Gartner” are references to Gartner Inc. and all its group companies doing business under the Gartner name listed here. Certain Gartner products and/or services which may be linked through or Gartner group companies with different business models have their own applicable privacy policies, and this Policy does not apply to them. Those companies include Evanta, Gartner Digital Performance Benchmarks, Gartner Consumer and Culture Insights, and the Gartner Digital Markets Companies of Capterra, GetApp and Software Advice.


Gartner and all its group companies will have access to information on individuals covered by this Policy. A list of our entities can be found here.